Financing the United Nations Development System

Time to Meet the Moment

The Financing the United Nations Development System report presents data on UN revenue and expenditure.

This seventh edition of the report arrives at a moment when climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing inequality, and armed conflicts are placing inimitable demands on the multilateral system.

Mobilising the quality, unearmarked multilateral finance needed to address these challenges calls for clarity and transparency. The financial data explored in the first part of this report aims to demystify the complex funding dynamics of the UN development system.

Building on this, the report presents a selection of contributions on the emerging trends, risks and opportunities apparent in multilateral financing. In doing so, the report provides a point of departure for forward-looking conversations both on how the UN system ought to be funded and how it should leverage this finance towards meeting global needs.

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Part one PART ONE
United Nations Resource Flows

Part One examines the overall revenue and expenditure of the UN system in 2019.

Part two PART TWO
Financing the Sustainable Development Goals

Part Two explores SDG financing needs in view of COVID-19 recovery and accelerating Anthropocene risks.

Part three PART THREE
Renewal of Multilateralism

Part Three considers UN renewal and UN leverage at the country-level, and the re-emergence of global public goods.